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Photographs taken by Gordon Burgess in 1985 of Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers activities.

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(1) Annual Meeting, January 27th, 1985, Charles Adams, Hazel Monroe, Tom Dillon. (2) Annual Meeting, January 27th, 1985, USFS District Ranger Lou Brossey and family.

(3) Ken Rose, Henry Ford, Doris Ford. (4) 3/31/85 March blowdown trip, 30 attending. Unknown, Ruth Huffaker, John Huffaker, Chuck North, David Bland, Bill Sims, Ford, Unknown, Henry Ford, Jim Morris, Unknown; Unknown, Kathy Bobseine, Danny Lineberger, David Emrey, Hazel Monroe, Barbara Council, Hollis Kirkland, Tom Harmon, Gordon Burgess; Karrisa Bracknell, Ronda Bracknell, Chris Bracknell, Ford, Doris Ford, Maxine Blackwood, Carol Harmon.

(5) 3/30/85. Gordon Burgess at the Moser Tree in Crawfish Valley. (6) 5/25/85 Gordon Burgess, Ken Rose chinking Davis Path Shelter.

(7) 5/25/85 Gordon Burgess, Ken Rose and Henry Ford at Davis Path Shelter.. (8) 6/8/85. Big crowd at Stony Fork.

(9) 6/8/85. Henry and Doris Ford with their son and grandson at Stony Fork. (10) Around 6/20/85. Konnarock crew with Gordon Burgess and Henry Ford. Standing behind Gordon is Keith Smith, the Konnarock trail boss, for whom the "Trail Boss" Trail is named. Thanks Tom Dillon for that fascinating bit of history.

(11) Around 6/20/85. Konnarock crew showing off injuries. (12) Around 6/20/85. Konnarock crew and Henry Ford.

(13) Around 6/20/85. Tired Konnarock crew member. (14) 6/21/85. Cooking out after a day's work.

(15) 7/11/85. Second week of Konnarock, continuing relo to Davis Path. (16) 7/11/85. Konnarock crew and PATH members, David Emrey standing.

(17) 7/11/85. Konnarock crew members with Carol Harmon and Ruth Huffaker. (18) 7/13/85. PATH members attending Konnarock - Henry Fork, Gordon Burgess, Carol Harmon, Tom Dillon, Ruth Huffaker, David Emrey.

(19) 7/12/85. Konnarock crew member giving David Emrey a shave. (20) 7/19/85. Gordon Burgess digging privy hole at Davis Path.

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