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Gordon Burgess was, for many years, "trail-boss" of Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers. He was an avid photographer and took hundreds of pictures of club activities mostly in the years between 1982 and 1994. After his retirement from active maintaining, he and I made a project out of scanning many of his club photographs. At the time, the best equipment we had available would make a 640x480 pixel scan of a standard 4x6 inch print. This was large enough for the monitors most people had at the time, and we posted hundreds of pictures to the PATH website. Many of them are still there.

Modern computers are capable of displaying much higher resolutions, so I am in the process of rescanning the original prints to produce larger, clearer images. As I finish sets, I will post them here.

My thanks to Ron Hudnell and Tom Dillon for technical support, proofreading and identifications.

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If you can make identifications or see errors that need to be corrected, please email me directly at paul@neuseriversailors.com.

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