Burgess Scans, 1994 - Page 2

Photographs taken by Gordon Burgess in 1994 of Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers activities.

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(21) Bill Boudman and Ken Rose refueling sicle-bar mower at Stone Hut. (22) Don Childrey and Scotty Folds(?) running the sicle-bar mower on Chestnut Knob.

(23) Paul Clayton, Steve Williams, Vaughn Thomas and Mark Clayton. (24) Brandon Saunders and one of Steve Williams' boys.

(25) Barry Hester and the 601 sign. Barry was told to meet a crew on 601 but the sign at the junction had come down. He drove around for hours looking for them. Afterward he made a sign in his shop at home and posted it at the junction. (26) John Hartpence, Bill Boudman, Ken Rose and Jim Ball work to remove a substantial blowdown.

(27) John Hartpence, Bill Boudman, Jim Ball and Ken Rose. (28) First stage of the Stone Hut renovation.

(29) Stone Hut renovation. (30) Stone Hut renovation. Steve Williams and others.

(31) Stone Hut renovation. (32) Stone Hut renovation, Sherman Bamford.

(33) Stone Hut renovation, new floor. (34) Stone Hut renovation, John Locke, Paul Clayton and others.

(35) Stone Hut renovation, relaxing at end of work day. (36) Stone Hut renovation, burning construction trash.

(37) Stone Hut renovation. Jim Ball piloting the six-wheeler. Without Jim and the six-wheeler making endless supply runs from the bottom of the mountain, the job would have been much more difficult. (38) Jim Wood, President of PATH in 1993-1994.

(39) Stone Hut renovation. Steve Williams making frogmore stew. (40) Stone Hut renovation.

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