Burgess Scans, 1994 - Page 3

Photographs taken by Gordon Burgess in 1994 of Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers activities.

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(41) The Stone Hut is now Chestnut Knob Shelter. (42) PATH crew at Chestnut Knob Shelter. Back row - Randy Sample, Bobby Bass, Steve Williams, John Locke, Steve's friend, Jim Wood, Don Childrey, Jim Ball, Unidentified, Gene Greer, Unidentified. Front row - Ken Rose and grandson, Unidentified, Bill Boudman, Brandon Saunders, Bill Medlin, Unidentified, Mark Clayton, Betsy Truscott, Gordon Burgess.

(43) Bill Boudman, Bill Medlin, Steve Williams, Mark Clayton, John Locke. (44) Interior of new Chestnut Knob Shelter.

(45) Gordon Burgess and Trudy Whitney at Chestnut Knob Shelter. (46) This picture led in the first article in an old newsletter, entitled "A View to the West".

(47) Work Crew, Ken Rose, Don Childrey, Gene Greer, Jeff Brown, Paul Clayton, Mark Clayton, Steve Williams. (48) Big group at Stony Fork. New faces include Mary Ann Butler, David Brooks, Marcia Cope, David Faucette, Clint Kawanishi, camp hosts Art and Ruby.

(49) Bill Boudman, John Hartpence and Aslan in this nice scenic view. (50) John Hartpence and Ken Rose working on Chestnut Ridge.

(51) Jim Ball and Ken Rose replacing a bridge across Knot Mole Branch. (52) Bill Boudman, Marcia Cope, Paul Clayton, Vaughn Thomas, Mark Clayton at the Pizza Hut in Wytheville. This was the regular Saturday night dinner for several years.

(53) Unidentified, Barry Hester, Bill Boudman with Aslan, Worrill Campbell, John Hartpence, Randy Sample sidehilling north of I-77. (54) Nikola Dudley and others building a bridge.

(55) Digging sidehill north of I-77. (56) Bridge-building crew. Gordon Burgess, Bill Medlin, John Hartpence with Aslan, Mark Clayton, Bill Boudman, Nikola Dudley, John Locke, Andy Sowers, Don Childrey.

(57) Trail neighbor. (58) PATH and Konnarock crew building trail behind O'Lystery.

(59) Konnarock Crew. (60) O'Lystery.

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