Burgess Scans, 1993 - Page 2

Photographs taken by Gordon Burgess in 1993 of Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers activities.

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(21) 7/17/93 - Andy Brown sitting on Gordon's VW. (22) 7/17/93 - Gordon Burgess running a weed trimmer.

(23) 7/17/93 - Bill Boudman, John Hartpence and Aslan. (24) 7/18/93 - Emily Brown and Gordon Burgess at the truckstop restaurant.

(25) 8/5/93. PATH and Konnarock workers in Crawfish Valley. (26) 8/5/93. PATH and Konnarock workers at Duffbusters Camp in Crawfish Valley. John Locke's van transported several crewmembers and the beer. Steve Williams on left, Mark Clayton on right, John Locke with lantern in back.

(27) 8/5/93. PATH and Konnarock workers, newly completed sidehill. (28) 8/5/93. Bill Boudman and Konnarock worker.

(29) 8/9/93. The club always took the Konnarock crew out for dinner the last day of the week. This is at the steakhouse in Wytheville. Steve Williams, Bill Medlin, Mark Clayton in back, Sherman Bamford front right. (30) Undated picture showing a trail crew headed for Tilson Gap from the north. Probably Konnarock.

(31) 8/9/93. PATH and Konnarock after a week of work in Crawfish Valley, at 610. (32) Late 1993. PATH group the weekend of the Trail Neighbors' Picnic.

(33) Bobby Bass on the trail in late 1993. (34) Aslan the trail dog.

(35) Gordon arranged for a pilot at Mountain Empire Airport to take him for a ride over PATH territory in late 1993. Here is a view of the Stone Hut. (36) Chestnut Ridge.

(37) Pond on Chestnut Ridge. (38) Pat Jennings Visitor Center on Highway 16.

(39) Bridge across Holston River at south end of PATH section. (40) Cumbow house.

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