Burgess Scans, 1989 - Page 1

Photographs taken by Gordon Burgess in 1989 of Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers activities.

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(1) 3/11/89 trail monitoring trip. Vaughn Thomas, Karissa Bracknell, Ronda Bracknell, Chris Bracknell. (2) 3/31/89. First full-scale PATH worktrip of the year. 42 PATH members attended. Here is a small group of them. Jeanne Phillips, Guyon Phillips, Unidentified, Hazel Monroe, Doris Ford, Henry Ford, Unidentified.

(3) 4/1/89. PATH worker just south of I-77 crossing. (4) 4/2/89. PATH members at the truckstop for breakfast.

(5) 4/2/89. Marvin Kirkland and Hollyce Kirkland at the truckstop for breakfast. (6) 4/2/89. Jeanne Phillips, Guyon Phillips, Janet York, Vaughn Thomas, Unidentified at breakfast.

(7) 5/17/89. Fencing Davis Cemetery. Willie Repass brought his tractor and post-hole digger. PATH provided the materials and labor. Jennings and Ken Rose. (8) 5/17/89. Willie Repass and Jennings set a corner post.

(9) 5/17/89. Completed fencing of Davis Cemetery. PATH members Gordon Burgess, Jennings, Janet York, Ken Rose. (10) 5/20/89. Ken Rose's truck, that used to be a familiar sight along the PATH mileage in Virginia.

(11) 5/20/89. Janet York running the sickle-bar mower. (12) 6/22/89. Konnarock Week 1, Nebo Relocation, Crew Photo.

(13) 6/25/89. Arten and Jonan Repass with PATH member Freeland?. (14) 6/24/89. Scenic view of Repass farm.

(15) 6/24/89. Nebo relocation, Vaughn Thomas digging sidehill. (16) 6/24/89. Nebo relocation, Gordon Burgess and Konnarock crew member.

(17) 6/25/89. The foolhardiness of youth - Konnarock crew members at bridge behind Repass farm. (18) 6/25/89. Nothing to worry about...Konnarock crew members.

(19) 6/26/89. Konnarock crew at Arten's barn. (20) 6/26/89. Heading down the trail after working with Konnarock for a few days.

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