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Photographs taken by David Emrey of Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers activities.

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(1) Gordon Burgess with a measuring wheel on his shoulder. The wheel was run along the trail to get the mileage between points. I expect that kind of work is more frequently done with a GPS these days. (2) The club used to do a fair amount of group hiking, and I believe this picture is of a participant. Can anyone identify her?

(3) Another participant on a PATH hike. Identification? (4) Parthena Martin on the PATH hike.

(5) PATH member Chuck North on the hike. (6) The whole gang from the PATH group hike.

(7) Don Childrey. It took a lot to wear out Don Childrey, but something did that day. From the protective gear, I'd guess he had been running a chainsaw. (8) Barry Hester, after he through-hiked and took up motorcycle riding. And in the background, another PATH member who participated in many worktrips in those days, Robbie Byrd?

(9) David's notes indicate that this picture was taken on an overnight from U.S. 421 to Damascus, 22 miles, led by Hazel Monroe, with Ken Rose, Henry and Doris Ford, Jack and Ruth Huffaker, Mary and Chris from Raleigh, Kathy and Hank from Greensboro and Charlotte, and David Emrey, Don't know who the couple are in the foreground (Mary and Chris, perhaps), but I recognize avid photographer Kathy Bobseine's shock of red hair and camera propped on the pack in the background. (10) Leader Hazel Monroe, and shouldering the red pack, is that a youthful Ken Rose?

(11) Here is the group shot. I'm guessing Kathy took the picture, since she is missing. (12) David Bland, Bill Sims and Danny Booker.

(13) Another PATH group hike, this one to Pinnacles of Dan. I can pick out the Huffakers, Tom Harmon, Bill Sims, Hollyce Kirkland. Tom Dillon identified the person on the left as Allen DeHart. (14) David's caption reads simply "6/86. Spring Cleanup. Bill." We used to run weedeaters through the length of our section two or three times a year. It was like a city park.

(15) Mike Dawson had - probably still has - a deadpan humor that could make almost anybody laugh. One of my favorite Dawson stories is about the time he was in a meeting with a group of Forest Service staffers discussing where to locate Partnership Shelter. Mike straight-facedly suggested that they build it abuting the Visitor's Center on Highway 16, with a one-way mirror from inside the Center and a placard stating that it was "throughhikers in their natural environment." The Foresters sat stone-faced. They didn't see the humor in that at all. But I bet you do. (16) Karl Kunkel with a trendy lady all decked out in denim and black fingernails. If you recognize yourself, 'fess up.

(17) PATH member Jack Jennings at the July 1989 Konnarock week, relocating trail at Nebo. (18) Gordon Burgess at the July 1989 Konnarock week.

(19) Konnarock crew member, July 1989. (20) Konnarock crew members, July 1989.

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